We are ALL excited that 2020 is behind us and we are ALL looking forward to 2021 with anticipations of in-person meetings starting once again.  This is for sure the plan for the 10th Annual DASIL World Congress, set for Mexico City, Mexico.  We hope everyone will mark their calendars now, setting aside the dates October 27-30, 2021 as we plan to host our DASIL family and friends in Mexico City.

DASIL is known for its innovations and exciting meetings where new technologies and advances are taught by masters in the dermatologic and surgical fields.  We always have an amazing group of Teaching Courses, again taught by the best of the best.  We will continue the tradition in Mexico City with course on Liposuction and LipoSculpture, on Hair Transplantations, on Scars and Scar Management, on Microneedling, on Lasers and Energy Based Devices, on Injectable Fillers and Neurotoxins, and on Surgical Techniques – Basic and Advanced.  Plans are underway to make these courses the best they have ever been. We will also have several days of learning planned with tracks available for participants to learn more about our surgical specialties as well as continuing offering a wonderful medical track, with global thought-leaders to provide the most important information on all pertinent aspects of medical dermatology.  The program will be thorough and complete and we encourage participation from all, so please reach out to us with any ideas or thoughts you may have.

DASIL is special because we make everyone feel like family and we plan to continue this tradition in Mexico City.  We will have cultural events, touring opportunities, and social events centered on our colleagues and the warmth of the Mexican people.  There is so much to see and do in Mexico City – and we are all waiting for you.

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy as we enter into 2021.

And we look forward to hosting the DASIL world in October 2021, in Mexico City.

Hector Leal Silva, MD
DASIL World Congress President


Michael H. Gold, MD

Meeting Coordinator - DASIL

What a year – 2020 is going to be a year that none of us will forget and a year we all want to forget. We hope that everyone has remained safe and we hope that your families are all safe and well.  While we did not get to travel very much in 2020, we still were able to continue the DASIL mission of teaching physicians from all over the world, albeit from a virtual setting.  And if you joined us for any of our webinars and for our Annual Congress, I am sure that you will agree with me that we achieved our goals and met our mission – all with style and grace.  A big special thanks to Dr. George Martin, our DASIL President who has led us through the pandemic and will lead us to wonderful new heights in 2021.  We also want to make a big shout out and thank you to LogiVent, our media partner, who are the best of the best in helping us plan and execute all that we do with DASIL.  And to our CEO, Dr. Lawrence Rosenthal, who guides us in making sure that DASIL remains transparent and open – we all thank him for his work and guidance.

Now we enter 2021 and the hopes that a vaccine(s) will be available and that we can soon think about traveling again, being with our friends and colleagues, and getting back to the “live” meeting concept. DASIL will continue innovative teaching and reaching out to everyone to strengthen all of our skills through several events that are planned in 2021.  Please check our DASIL website and Social Media channels for all of the pertinent information as we plan out the year 2021.

We are most excited about our 10th Annual World Congress, to be held in beautiful Mexico City, Mexico at the end of October, 2021.  Dr. Hector Leal Silva and his team are going to plan and host a world congress that will be second to none.  We will have all of the world’s experts coming to Mexico City and we will plan one of the most exciting programs in dermatology, dermatologic and plastic surgery, and for those in the aesthetic medicine field.  We will have workshops and lectures as well as Industry Seminars to make the meeting complete.

We hope that everyone marks their calendars now for the 10th Annual World Congress, from October 27-30, 2021. 

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