October 12, 2022 // 14:00 CEST

Energy Based Devices - What´s the Newest EBDs Making An Impact

14:00 CEST-16:00 CEST
Welcome and IntroductionMichael H. Gold
DASIL IntroductionGeorge Martin
DASIL World Congress OverviewHector Leal Silva
ModeratorMichael H. Gold
What’s New in Pulsed Light Including Motion Technology?Michael H. Gold
Acne Vulgaris and EBDs – Have We Found the Holy Grail?David Goldberg
Microneedling RF Technology – Where Are We Now?Atula Gupta
Body Contouring and Fat Reduction – My Go-To DevicesHector Leal Silva
Synchronized Ultrasound Technology for Skin TighteningRuthie Amir
My Approach to Pigmentary Concerns – Topicals, Peels, and EBDsNancy Garcia-Tan
Group DiscussionAll

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