May 25, 2022 // 14:00 CEST

Injectables in Aesthetic Medicine

14:00 CEST-16:00 CEST
Welcome and Introduction Michael Gold
DASIL IntroductionGeorge Martin
ModeratorMichael Gold
Evaluating & Treating the Lower Third of the FaceTatjana Pavicic
Injectables combined with ResurfacingJoel Cohen
Marketing Facial Injectables to Your Patients Suneel Chilukuri
What is New in the Field of Microtoxin Injections? Atchima Suwanchinda
What is New in the High Dose Toxin Landscape?Greg Goodman
Threads in 2022 George Sulamanidze
Evaluating & Treating the Upper Third of the FaceCheryl Burgess
Evaluating & Treating the Middle Third of the FaceHector Leal Silva
Evaluating and Treating the lower face with fillersJaishree Sharad
Avoiding & Treating Complications Including Vascular Occlusion and BlindnessPeter Peng
Combining Threads & InjectablesA.Kajaia
Group DiscussionAll

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