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Every year a large number of tourists visits Goa for its place to worship, great palm trees, the night life and not least: the white sand beaches. It’s not a surprise that Goa is called “The Pearl of the east”.

In Goa you will find food with influences from Indian, Arabic and Portuguese Cuisine. Goa was until 1961 a Portuguese province and is still influenced of the Portuguese Cuisine as well as the Portuguese culture heritage.

Goa is famous for beautiful churches and great Hindu temples which are all visited by a lot of tourists every year. India as a country is also a land well known for spices. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit a Spice garden.

We are happy to welcome physicians and KOL’s from all over the world to our DASIL congress in Goa 2019 for Dermatologic and Aesthetic sector.

Welcome to “The pearl of the east”!


Dabolim airport in Goa is located 20 km from Bambolim, the part of Goa where the congress is going to take place.

Goa’s airport, Dabolim, is mainly served by Domestic flights but also some international flights. It is easy to go around in India by air and a lot of Domestic flights are going to and from Delhi or Mumbai.


In order to arrange your transport from the airport in Goa you can choose between some options: private transfer or taxi is the easiest way to go from the airport


Pre-paid Taxi booths are located in front of the terminal and costs about 800-900 INR.
The public taxi service is available for you anytime during the day.


You can easy book private transfer with Palomino Hospitality, feel free to contact them to arrange the best transfer for you

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Email id: pushpinder.singh@palominohospitality.com
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